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Client Reviews

Mr. Joyners law firm is tops
"David is a superb person as a lawyer and a carring person. His staff is really tops in my book, they take care of business. 
I went through a divorce that got really personal and nasty, I guess they all do. This one involved a Business I have had for 17 years, residence, and alot of unkown unpaid taxes,accuzations of adultry which was not the case. 
When it was all said in done I got all the above, and not to mention in a pretty short time, took David and staff just 15 months to end this. 
David in the court room is well mannered and very respectful and very knowledgable of the law. 
But dont be fooled by his southern hospitality, when it is time he has a side to him that, well let's just say LET THE DOGS OUT to play 
All is good 
Since, I have called Davids firm many a times and as of now I am helping my daughter with David for custody of her kids and to get all finalized and legal. 
The whole staff there is awesome."
Amazing Attorney
"Attorney Joyner and his staff are incredible!!!!!! I contacted the office regarding a restraining order violation. I came to the office scared and not knowing what if anything would be able to be done regarding my situation. After speaking with his wonderful staff and then speaking with him, I felt 100% confident knowing that I had chosen the right attorney to take on my case. Everyone is so patient but also focussed about addressing the matter at hand. Prior to going to court Attorney Joyner explained to me what would happen, what his course of action would be. He also made sure that I was comfortable with and understood everything that would be taking place. With other attorneys that I have dealt with, after the court proceeding, you typically dont hear from them. That is not the case with Attorney Joyner and his staff. I have been in contact with everyone since we went to court and they are still as genuine as they were when I first stepped into the office. 
I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!!! 
BEST law firm!!!!!!!"
Professional, Honest, Thorough!
"Myself and my family have used David and his staff for a variety of things in the last 6 years. Everything from divorce, speeding ticket, child custody and personal injury. David and his staff have always been professional and hardworking. They go above and beyond to get the job done. The last case that David did for me was a personal injury case. I was in an accident where I was injured and the other party did not want to pay for my injuries or treatment. David and his staff fought hard to get me what I deserved. I will always use David for any of my legal needs and will continue to refer him to my family and friends. You won't find a better team!"
True Southern Gentlemen
"David Joyner is true southern gentleman, from our first meeting he was always reassuring and respectful of my concerns, feelings and frustrations. 
I heavily relied on David's 25 years experience to help me through the roughest time of my life. 
David knows Georgia law and is ready to stand up for what he knows to be true. so don't let that "Southern Gentleman" comment, fool you. David proved more than once 
that he was there to represent me and he stood up for me when no one else could. 
I never doubted that David and his staff, Malissa, Beth, Jen and Heather were the best to handle my case. 
I'm sure that no one thinks their case is an easy process, but after a year and two months of working toward my divorce I have come to know David, Malissa, Beth, Jen and 
Heather as friends and I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. 
David Joyner and his staff were recommended by my sister and also a close friend. I have since recommended and will continue to recommend David Joyner and his staff to 
anyone that needs a outstanding Attorney."
Great Trial Attorney
"Mr. Joyner recently concluded a very long case for me (very successfully) I might add. He is a fantastic trial attorney that shows great compassion for his client and their cause. He has and gives the utmost respect for all parties in the case. He earns their respect and it shows. He stands firm and is very resourceful in the law. He is articulate and exceptionally good at getting his point across to the jury. At the end of the trial, I over heard someone from the opposing sides legal team saying to the other " that is one of the GREATEST closing arguments I have ever heard". 

His staff is warm and encouraging, and although they are a very busy small firm they give your case their utmost attention when your case is on trial and I must say they make you feel like you are part of their family."
An Excellent Lawyer
"I have been going through an embroiled custody battle with my ex wife. I hired David from day one of this battle as he has been a personal friend of my family for years. David has been very attentive of everything that has been occurring in my case(s). Every time I have a sit down meeting with him or speak with him over the phone, I feel that I have a fighting chance because he lays out his plan for court and utilizes his years of experience to let you know how well the day will go. 

This man has been on all sides of the court. He has been a judge. He has been an attorney. He has been a Guardian Ad Litem. He knows the system and he knows the way judges and other attorneys will think. He is an excellent asset to have on your side. 

This man can recognize what his clients are going through and sympathize with them. He will not make you feel low or wrong about things you've done. He also recognizes that all humans make mistakes and can help you right your direction in life. 

Although my case has taken an exorbitant amount of time due to the other side causing more issues, I have been thoroughly pleased and impressed with the service I received from David. I would recommend him to anyone and actively advertise him to anyone going through issues which may involve an attorney."
Superb Lawyer
"David has been a trustworthy and superb lawyer for me during the difficult and important times in my life. He has been with me through all of the many family changes I have endured, and has cared for me as if I were one of his family. His knowledge of the law is incredible and he knows all the steps it takes to defend and succeed in the cases he has served and is serving for me. He has advised me in all options, recommending the best case scenario for all situations. Accessibility is never an issue -- he and his staff are extremely responsive and I am able to get answers when I need them. I can honestly say that David is not only my only attorney, but has become a trusted friend as I navigate through the chapters of life. I would highly recommend him as an attorney to anyone seeking help through a difficult situation."